Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

We have had just an incredible weekend!  We had 72 degrees F on Friday and increasing wind on Saturday with 45 to 50+ degrees F here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  And to windsurfers here on the Chesapeake that means its time to surf.

Here is a quick sketch of a windsurfer near the shore almost at sunset, but when the light was still dancing around picking up the reflection of the water and thickening cloud cover.  Also had a huge fullish moon that was a fascinating study all on its own.  Got a few photos of that so I will save those for a slow day.

Altogether we are having a good and early Spring.  We are all thinking about our gardens.  What are we going to plant, how soon can we get it planted and do we have to worry about protecting our seedlings from the cold?

Please Lord let the Gods of Winter be done with us!  Let us paint buds straining to break into blossom, grasses the color of pale soft greens, tulips and daffys, cherry blossoms.  Spring is such a welcomed time.  We want everything to be well with the world. 

God Bless the World and bring our hearts to kindness and peace.

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