Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mill Creek I

This is a painting I did after a great Mary Pritchard plein air class sponsored by Chestertown Arts League.  The location is Ramsey Mill Creek.  It was a crispy, intense fall week and we wore a full regalia of coats and hats.

During the workshop I painted this scene at least twenty times.  I felt pretty good about how this one turned out and I'd paint there again in a heartbeat because everywhere you looked you saw another beautiful aspect of the site.  We started around 8:30 AM and finished around 4:00 PM, so plenty of time to experience the color changes as the sun moved across the sky.

I love the blues and oranges. The complementary colors always grab my eye.  Also like the water and the movement of the wind across the reflections of grasses and trees.

This painting reminds me a bit of a woodcut.

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